Website development with course organizer module on ASP.NET MVC

OData support
Gincsai Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The study streamed companies are more and more popular nowadays, so there is a growing need for such companies. In my thesis I present the making of a website with course module, what I made for a company. The website’s procurer determined the initial requirements, and the designer company designed the interface of the portal, which is constantly updated, so I had to prepare for the treatment of the new procurer’s requirements.

I implemented the website on ASP.NET MVC 4 platform, supplemented with EntityFramework provided opportunities and with client-side technology such as JavaScript or jQuery.

In my thesis I present the preliminary procurer’s requirements and I discuss the planning decisions. The main part of the thesis is the description of the functions and details of the website’s implementation. There are two types of users in the portal, namely customers and administrators, so I detail the website’s implementation from two users' perspective. The customers can review the current information, offered courses and the exact syllabus with ease and they can apply for courses online. The main role of the administrator is the management of the portal, namely creating, editing and naturally deleting courses.


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