Developing a portable 3D magnetometer

OData support
Szabó Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Also in the ancient times the doctors were very inquisitive to get better knowledge of the magnetism’s biological effects. For example greek doctors used magnetic tools as painkiller in the 3rd century BC. In the end of the 20th century related to the astronautical experiences found out, that the default of magnetic field of Earth could be maleficient for the human bones. In these days the magnetic treatments are very popular again, mainly in the alternative therapies. My purpose is to create a magnetometer to supply adequate datas about the applied magnetic fields’ features, which can provide a deeper knowledge of the biological effects of magnetic fields and it can also assist to understand easier the mode of actions. The device measures the values at the whole wave at low frequency, but around 50 kHz only measures the highest values. For visualizing the datas, I used a popular, touchscreen, android-operated, device. In one hand this solution follows the market demand, in other hand opens the door to realize a lot of other applications in the future, for example to visualize the measured datas graphically or to create databases. There are in my thesis in detail the phisical execution of the circuit and the principles of the regarding softwares.


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