Loudness examinations of portable audio devices

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Dr. Márki Ferenc
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The music plays a very important role of the life of the people. Most of all young people do this activity with mp3 and mp4 players. In fact they listen their mp3 players when they are travelling. When I’m travelling to Budapest I’m listening my audio player two hours on end. The question occourred to me - it is right if I do this on a higher volume or for longer time it hurts my hearing.

In my dissertation I would like to get an answer to the question on how high volume people listen their portable audio players and how high volume they need in order to enjoy the music. I would like to find a solution whether it hurts their hearing in the long run.

First of all I introduce with exact dB values on how high volume young people listen the music. Secondly I examine those noise effects which surround us day after day. Following this I would like to present the hearing examination in practice and theory, the results of the tests and the types of the hearing loss. Finally I measure the attenuation of certain earphones.


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