Portable Bluetooth anti-theft device

OData support
Dr. Benesóczky Zoltán
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

These days wireless electronic devices increasingly spreading all over across in every aspect of our life. This is an important progress because mobility became an essential element in our modern, rushing world. Just to mention a few: fitness, healthcare, telecommunication, entertainment industry and much other areas are those which starting to support Bluetooth Smart technologies. Opposing the classical form of communication this form consume much less energy which makes it competitive in the market. More and more company willing to integrate this technology in their product which offers a huge potential for development. Nowadays even smarthphones provide a chance to complete our everyday tasks which is an important part in our comfort. With my thesis my aim is to build a Bluetooth Smart based Android system extension which is capable of connecting to an ultrasound based anti theft device. In this thesis I’ll present the Bluetooth Smart technology and also the hardware structure of the anti theft system and the communication between It’s segments. In addition I’ll review how microcontrollers and android softwares works. The fully designed and completed device’s main task is to being able to protect our valuables if we put the mechanism next to it, and It's core is Bluetooth Smart based. As soon as the act of thiefery will occur we will get an alert to our Android device.


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