Design and Development of a Fishing Application on Android Platform

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

We can improve our leisure activities with smartphones and with the apps on it. The fishing is a good example for that, and this application will be create for fishermen. Store the tackles, create a photo with the fish and add to the specific tackle or a lake database just some sample function that can easily provide on a smartphone and really helpful for a fisher.

The role of my thesis, design and implement an innovative, ergonomic, user friendly application with most important features. There will be a backend side for the app, which handle the users and keep up-to-date the tackles statistics. The main part at the user interface design is create a intuitive, modern layout, that every user can easily use. The structure needs to be easily extendable or with new feature insert able.

During the design, I collected the all feature of the application, which can be the based of the first production version. The main concept is the storing of the fish tacks and it will be extended with the Highscore feature or open the tacks on Google Maps. With these functions the application will be more realistic, usable and exciting.

I started the implementation with the user handling, sign up, log in, and log out. After that, I created the process to upload and download data between the mobile application and backend server. The main style is the Material Design, which provided by Google and with that, we can create modern, unified and good looking layouts. After the online data synchronization, I extend these method with offline data saving and retrieving. The next step, the Google Maps integration to the project to show the tacks on a map too. The last feature of the application is the Highscore layout, where the fishers can compare theirs and the rest of the users tacks. The last step was the analytics frameworks integration.

I feel, I can implemented all the planned features and create a full application. After a complete review and bugs fix, it can be publish to the Play Store as a product.


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