Direct and quadrant inductance measurement by automatized AutoBox environment

OData support
Dr. Veszprémi Károly
Department of Electric Power Engineering

ThyssenKrupp Presta Hungary Kft. in Budapest is dealing with hardware and software development of electric steering systems. The topic of this thesis is to develop an automatic measurement process with help of measurement script for the identification of the applied electric rotary machine’s inductances in D-Q coordinate system related to company developments.

Due to the development of the power electronics and electrical machine and drive control, today’s hydraulic power assisted steering systems are gradually excluded by more flexible and energy saving electrical solutions. In this case the assistance is carried out by a servo motor, which is mostly permanent magnet synchronous motor because of the special requirements. As it is the vehicle’s safety critical component, it is indispensable to know exactly the processes in the motor, which are brought about by control. It is important to know the parameters of the servo motor with their minor error related to each item released from the factory.

My task is to establish a control measurement process with tools in dependent from electronic control unit so as to support solution of developments and possible mistakes.

In the first section of my thesis I show the types of assisted steering systems focusing on the structure of the developed in the company concerning the electronic control unit, the motor and the drive control. In the second section I write about the applied tools and the script programming language. In addition I explain the measurement process the created function step by step with the structure of the script. Finally I compare some results in both 12V and 24V systems with the result measured by electronic control unit.


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