Reforming Provisioning System of IP PBX Phone Infrastructure

OData support
Dr. Huszák Árpád
Department of Networked Systems and Services

In the last few decades, telecommunication providers all around the world used the old-fashioned PBX systems, that needed separate networks for voice and for data. As the new technology, VoIP appeared, corporations started using VoIP PBX-s, offering voice and data in the same network. VoIP users can not only use IP network, but also, the existing telephone cables for higher availability.

NISZ, National Infocommunications Provider Ltd. offers fixed telephone network to national, and governmental institutes. Connecting new IP telephone devices to the network in institutes served by NISZ, is done by the integrated provisioning system of IP Centrex. It means, that every time a new phone is connected to the network, the supplier’s cooperation is needed. It is the reason that NISZ develops a new, independent, self-operationed provisioning system.

In my thesis, after inspecting the behaviour of the currently used provisioning system, I looked for methods to be able to create the new provisioning system. Configuring the Linux systems, putting them to work and migrating the existing functions from the old server to the new were all part of the work I have done in my thesis. In the future, NISZ will migrate the 12.000 opearting IP telephones to the new provisioning server due to the method written in this thesis.


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