Reconstruction of the High Voltage Power System’s Outage Caused by Weather Conditions

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Dr. Németh Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In 2013 a cyclone reached the territory of Hungary on the weekend of March 15, in which the wet Mediterranean air meshed with the cold, arctic weather. It caused heavy snowing first in the West, and then in the North, Northeast of the country, which were escorted by strong wind. The unusual spring weather made the moisture to freeze on the wires, which overloaded the towers of both the transmission and distribution network; lots of them were damaged or collapsed.

The most affected territory was Ibrány, where about 90 thousand people were left without power for days. It is situated in the Northeast, where the 2 systems, 220 kV transmission line of Kisvárda-Sajószöged and (Munkács) OH-Tiszalök can be found. Around Ibrány six tension towers next to each other collapsed, where two of them were situated in the swamp, which made problems during reconstruction.

This work will investigate the conditions of the outages, the weights caused by the snow and the wind will be calculated, the options for the reconstruction will be introduced and the chosen one will be proved.

On the other hand it was compared to the outages happened in the U.S., in 2011, which left 3 million people without power for days. For thousands of them, power has been restored only one week after the snowstorm.


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