Development of Android Application for Supporting Failure Localization in Acces Network

OData support
Dr. Maliosz Markosz
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays the internet is regarded as one of the most important tools of our life. People keep in touch, shop, find out about current events over the internet; it is an integral part of their everyday lives without having to worry about how it actually gets into their homes. The last mile to reach the subscribers of the telecommunication and internet service providers is the access network, however the cable connections in this network occasionally get faulty, and the current procedure to find these damaged areas is not quite perfect yet.

In my thesis I design and develop an Android application that helps the troubleshooting process in a telecommunication access network, omitting the use of old paper maps. By using the application on the Android devices of the repairmen of the operator for locating the problematic part of the network will speed up the time it takes to fix the issue in question. To achieve this I used the information from existing digital databases and maps, transforming it into a map surface that will eliminate the need for paper maps to locate the problem area. On this map surface the repairmen can view the junction and end points of the access network, and by highlighting them they can obtain information about their relevant data and cables, that also helps to identify them. When highlighting the end points, the application can identify the cables attaching to those endpoints, display them on the map and the troubleshooting function can be started which can identify and indicate the exact area where the problem occurred. This makes it possible to find the location of the problem and start the fixing within just a few seconds.


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