Access control management for collaborative modeling

OData support
Dr. Varró Dániel
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays, collaboration is necessary part of design process. Organized collaborative design impossible without the right access control. Parts of the model are only visible and for users with the right access rules and also limit the access of the possible actions due to access control. This kind of limitation is not only for security reasons, also for abstraction the irrelevant layers of the model. Because for some kind of user groups a complex model can be transform to a simpler model, due to hide the irrelevant parts from them.

In a usual access control the basic unit is file, but in a complex design based on models required that access control based on models and properties of the model.

The aim of this document is to provide a user access control module for MONDO project and includes the client side offline framework. Applied technologies: EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework) and EMF-IncQuery. The aim of the MONDO project to achieve scalability in collaboration in complex model based design frameworks.


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