Designing and developing CRM modules of waste management companies on .NET platform

OData support
Dávid Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics


This thesis is about developing the customer relationship management module of an Enterprise Resource Planning system called EnWizard2 on the Microsoft .NET 4.0 platform. My objective was to develop a module cooperating well with the other modules of the system, while meeting the expectations of companies trading with communal, metal and dangerous waste.

The module is not developed simply as an ordinary customer module: it contains a special sub-module, specifically designed for communal waste-collecting companies. This sub-module provides a framework for companies to conduct financial accounting – in a manner that is new and unique in Hungary: based on the numbers of trash bin emptying. This technology has been adopted in several other European countries, and in the future, it can be expected to become widespread in Hungary, too.

The module I developed is already used by several companies, as a part of the EnWizard2 ERP system (Design Kft, HungaroJet Kft, Euro-Rubber Kft). The installation of the communal sub-module is in progress at another company (Erdőkertesi Műszaki Ellátó Szervezet).

The implementation contains lots of unique solutions, including:

• after a customer accepts an offer, the module automatically generates a first draft of the contract with the new customer, using the contact details and other basic data, material and service prices used in the offer

• generating default materials and services for offers and agreements in pre-defined prices

• the module calculates average prices for certain materials / services, when determining offer prices

• process for price changes: the module generates a new appendix new prices – while keeping old prices in the database for later reference

• offers for communal services: the module automatically identifies the types of containers used in the area based upon the address of the customer, and automatically generates an offer with the respective services and prices, and

• if the customer enters multiple records, the module can pre-fill the new records with the most recently entered record's data.


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