Simulation of Wavelength Division Multiplexed Simple Optical Networks

OData support
Dr. Heszberger Zalán Tamás
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays the wavelenght division multiplexing (WDM) is applied in the optical transmisson thereby we can reach even Tbps range in one single fiber. The WDM technology is the most cost efficient opportunity, which provides the necessary bandwidth without the application of additional fibers. Most of the broadband WDM networks work with 10Gbps and 80 channels.

The goal of this thesis is modelling a four-point wavelength division technology connection. The function of the connection is analyzed with the VPItransmissionMaker simulation software by different setups of the transmission’s characteristic. The built in moduls of the VPI and their application is also examined. The WDM modelling limitations and feasibility are examined on a single optical fiber. During the simulation the load of the software is checked if its considered to be a limiting factor. The opportunities of the transition to a higher speed is analyzed by using DPSK modulation on the simulation model.

The resulting model can be used for complex simulations under the proposed limitations.


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