Human interaction support in automated business processes

OData support
Dr. Ráth István Zoltán
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The development and maintain of applications serving an enterprise can cost a lot of money. Obviously, the time taken by the developers to develop the application belongs to the costs. So that can be said that any kind of software framework which is able to provide more and better services for the development or solving a problem automatically and also being able to reduce the time needed for developing or maintaining applications could become the top "partner" of the company.

The software framework studied by me in this thesis, is also a way of process based application development aspect. Using this kind of method not only the developers but the users can also take a look at their business processes ( literally ) and can increase their interactivity and the quality of the produced software.

I studied the process based development through a JBoss product and tried to extend its functionality. Many of the JBoss products ( like Hibernate which is an Object/Relational Mapping technology and Weld which is a Java Contexts and Dependency Injection technology ) known and used widely. So it is clear that JBoss is an active member of innovation and knows indeed which are the most powerful ways of developing software.


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