Loyalty point collection system development on Android platform

OData support
Dr. Goldschmidt Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays loyalty point systems can be found in all the regions of the business. Dealers always aim to stimulate the customers into making more purchases in order to collect loyalty points. These points are usually registered on plastic cards and customers must keep their cards with them all the time; otherwise they cannot opt for any discounts. In our high technological world there is no need for plastic cards anymore, as their functionality can be replaced by using mobile phones.

In my thesis I aimed to develop an Android application which can be used for collecting loyalty points, searching for venues with loyalty point systems or redeeming discounts for purchases. With the help of the application, I am trying to eliminate the plastic cards and to create a single application ecosystem where all the participants are satisfied with the environment. In the application the communication between users is simple and effortless. The communication interface is based on QR code reading. Every modern mobile phone is equipped with a camera, which makes QR code reading possible. Besides collection points, the users can manage their profiles and filter categories and venues with different set of options.

During the development of the application it was of high importance to support the newest and the most commonly used Android operating systems. The application is currently available only in Hungarian, but it supports easy localization.


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