Design of the electric power supply of a cold store

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

My project is to planning the building power supply, the lightning, in addition to the provision of necessary and uninterrupted power supply of a cold store expansion.

First I present the existing building and the proposed building, such as the structure of the building, or the downstairs and upstairs rooms planned. After this I present materials used in the design and concepts, like cables, electrical safety equipments, uninterrupted power supply, power factor correction and lightning protection.

After this I plan the conversion of the existing distribution system. I present the location and formation of new distribution system, the route of electric main line system and the necessary new cable tray system design. Then according to the customer's request I plan the lighting system and the electrical system with the uninterrupted power supply. Finally I examine the electric shock protection and the lightning protection system and designed the necessary changes in the lightning protection grounding and I introduce the necessary overvoltage protection.


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