Model-based deployment design and automation for Hyperledger Fabric

OData support
Kocsis Imre
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays blockchain is one of the most researched technology in informatics amongst Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning. After Bitcoin’s success people started to realize blockchain can be used in enterprise environments. For business consortium blockchains are the best choice. Currently Hyperledger Fabric rules the market amongst consortium blockchain frameworks. That’s why my choice was to create a solution build on Fabric. It provides a special architecture with a modular design which makes it the perfect blockchain for business.

Right now, it is a difficult and time consuming task to design and deploy networks builds on Fabric besides they are perfectly capable to run an enterprise sized system. My application decreases the gap between the developer/operator and the Fabric network. It provides a graphical user interface where a Fabric based network can be designed component by component. The application creates a special model from the drawn network. This model is used to automate the process of deploy. The model besides automated deployment gives the opportunity to realize on-chain management or configuration analysis.


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