Implementation of an I2C interface on FPGA

OData support
Szántó Péter
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

My thesis is based on a project I joined at evosoft Hungary Kft. The aim of the project was to develope a microcontroller in VHDL language. The full task was splitted into parts, my role was to design a communication modul in VHDL language, what can send and receive massages by I2C communication protocoll.

In the first chapter I describe –based on the literature- the basic definitions of data transfer and the most popular serial communication protocols. Afterwards, I present the local bus (APB) of the developed microcontroller.

In the second part of the study I review the unit which was designed by me. Here I write the task details and difficulties.

The next section presents results of the various simulations and tests. During the test, I was able to examine the functions of the modul using the waveform signals. Later, I verified the implemented module by more complex tests.

In the last part I summarize the results, I describe the learned knowledge and I shall discuss further opportunities for improvement.


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