Implementing a Development Framework for the User Interface of IBM BPM

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

The focus of my thesis is the implementation of a developement framework for the user interface of IBM Business Process Manager.

First I studied the architecture of IBM BPM and the usage of the Process Designer developement tool. I got familiar with the capabilities of the program, and how to create user interface with it.

During my work I collected the most common errors and bothersome solutions, that may slow down the development. I also evaluated the best practices. My advisor helped me through this proces.

With this knowledge I worked on a developement methodology that can help the developers by the logical design of the user interface components and by writing code that is easier to maintain.

A user interface framework was designed with the goal to make the code easier to read and to maintain. I implemented a unit and integration test and a solution to store and display the client side logs on the server side as part of the framework.

I made an example application to show the developement methodology and framework. The application was then tested with the help of BPM developers. At last I summarized the achieved solutions, and wrote about how to improve them further.


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