IBM Business Process Management Toolkit Development

OData support
Dr. Mezei Gergely
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The IBM Business Process Manager Software suite provides high-level support for managing corporate business processes, but at the same time its user interface no longer lives up to modern expectations and needs further improvement, development.

In my thesis I examined how well IBM BPM's built-in toolkits satisfy the requirements of today, I demonstrated its different ways of programming and took an in depth look at its user interface framework.

I became familiar with the AngularJS and Bootstrap technologies. Using these two and the basic web programming languages I created a baseline set of controls, which contains an instance of every item contained in the out-of-the-box toolkit as well as an additional popup window control. I made sure that these do not share the shortcomings of their built-in counterparts. I built a simple test application to showcase the capabilities and usage of these tools.

As a part of toolkit, I included the documentation for these controls, which are available during development.


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