IEC61850 integration in ABB System 800xA DCS platform.

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Dr. Loványi István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The cooperation and integration of systems became the dominant trend of technological development. The Internet of Things, the Smart Grid, and smart city concepts are clearly showing the efforts to make different fields collaborate, making their operation more economical, safer and easier to use. In my thesis, I show the cooperation of two fields – energetics and process controls – through an industrial example, using the recently introduced IEC61850 standard. The power supply of the plant is supervised and controlled by a network of intelligent electronic devices (IEDs), which are in constant data connection with the ABB System 800xA distributed control system. In my thesis, I describe the system architecture, the bay protection devices (ABB REF630 and REF615) and the main properties of the IEC61850 standard. Then I discuss the establishment of communication and the creation of an operator screen which is capable of controlling the system. Lastly, I demonstrate the test methods of the created subunits.


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