Extending IMS media plane application with open source shared cloud storage solution

OData support
Dr. Villányi Balázs János
Department of Electronics Technology

In the telecommunications industry, a couple of years ago a change of attitude took place. Besides the purpose-built hardware, the cloud based applications gain more and more ground. In Ericsson the research began in 2014 to find the solutions that enable the use of the telecommunication functions in the Cloud. The first functional cloud applications are now ready, but they are not yet in feature parity with their predecessors.

The goal of this thesis is to provide a cloud based storage solution for the Ericsson developed IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Media Plane cloud application. The first part of the document introduces Cloud Computing and explains why the cloudification of the telecommunication networks is important. After that, the IMS architecture is introduced with its components, and it is described, how the Ericsson developed cloud application fits into the network. The application wants to store logs and configuration files. With this in mind, the thesis sorts out the suitable cloud based storage solutions.

OpenStack is one of the software sets that is used to create Cloud networks. The document introduces its main components with major focus on OpenStack’s block storage solution called Cinder. The paper describes ways to set up a custom OpenStack environment, which contains Cinder’s multi attachment patch. To enable the multi attach feature, the Cluster File Systems (CFS) are introduced, and their requirements are discussed.

Ericsson’s build system uses BitBake to create a Linux image that includes the application. Once the chosen CFS is also built into the image, it can be used to create virtual machines in OpenStack, and test the multi attach feature. After discussing the findings about the Cinder patch, an alternative storage solution is presented.

In the end of the thesis, I conclude my findings, and explain the caveats of the implemented storage solution.


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