Performance profiling of IMS media plane application on generic cloud hardware

OData support
Gódor Győző
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Due to Ericsson Hungary Ltd. and BME's Department of Networked Systems and Services, I could participate in the research of a popular IMS product which is already present on the market. The goal of the research was to improve the quality of this product.

We found it important to receive precise information about the operation of the application. By ensuring the correct data collection we can hold up to the requirements of excellent software quality. As a starting point it is crucial to talk about the definitions and tools of profiling.

In order to collect the data which define the needs of the product's CPU, we chose the best measuring method that allows the smallest margin of error. I succeeded to create the output, which contained the product's resource needs using appropriate testing methods. After analyzing this output I offered some optimalization ideas.

Firstly in my thesis I go into details about the hardware bottlenecks during program runnings. Then I also talk abouts the methods which assist examining these bottlenecks with the help of profiling tools. I demonstrate what kind of testcases I needed to write to test the chosen software. I described the test envrionment and testing methods which I used during measuring. After evaluating the result I provide efficient and quality-improving ideas regarding the performance of the product. Then I summarize my acquired experiences during the research.


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