Protection of IP based networks infrastructure

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Kulik Ivett
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Communication networks have become part of our life unnoticed. Business processes are increasingly relying on these networks; therefore their reliable operation is a key element. Meanwhile, criminal groups have also discovered the networks, and the financial opportunities of attacks of these networks. Even these threats, little emphasis is placed on network security.

The purpose of my essay is to draw attention to the importance of network security and the significance of the protection of network infrastructure. The other goal is to demonstrate some of those devices, techniques and technologies, which guarantee the secure operation of the networks.

The infrastructure of today’s networks is based on devices which are made mainly by Cisco Systems. That’s why, I dealt with Cisco SAFE model and chose Cisco platform to build a corporate network for my tests. I analyzed the vulnerabilities of today’s most widely used network protocols and gave solution for the security gaps of my test network. I examined the vulnerabilities and the architecture of the Cisco 6500 series switch and detailed Control Plane Policing which can be used to protect the control plane of these devices. I simulated some attacks against the test infrastructure to confirm the effectiveness of the implemented security solutions.

Substantial part of the security techniques, which I described and implemented during my work, can be deployed with feasible energy investment. Thus, network security can be greatly enhanced. So, my essay can be useful for any professionals who want to operate a reliable and protected network.


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