Development of an embedded IP phone

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Moldován István
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Development of an embedded IP phone

In the last few years PSTN slowly got overtaken by VoIP, which is most commonly used over SIP protocol. Phone-service providers has been using IP-based voice transfer exclusively for a long time, still, there is no widely available, cheap, dedicated VoIP hardware, which is able to harness these features of SIP (e.g. videocalls). At the same time, cheaply available System-on-chip IC's are housing enough performance to realize such a hardware with ease, making SIP-based videocalls available to a wider consumer base.

The task is to develop and realize an expansion board and necessary software package, which can be attached to a chosen single-board computer to provide a SIP compatible VoIP phone implementation. The above device has to contain all the needed peripherals, like: graphical LCD display, microphone and headphone in- and outputs, at least one type of input. It has to be able to make SIP-based, real-time videocalls.


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