Implementation of an IR controlled media player

OData support
Lois László Dr.
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Nowadays one of the most popular products on the multimedia market is the universal multimedia player, more and more manufacturers are on to introduce new models with rich and growing functionality. And there is the new hobby for the home users as well, to build their own product. In my thesis I would like to show the steps how to make one of this kind of device. My goal is to provide a simple but working product not only by putting the existing parts together but with creating some of these parts. I am going to present the upcoming issues and requirements while designing and developing the components and I am also going to provide one of the possible solutions to solve them. Of course the implementation of the used operating system or the computer motherboard is not in scope.

The most important points of the solution are:

(*) Play video and audio content (as many numbers of formats as possible)

(*) Infrared remote control possibility

(*) Modular design of the graphical user interface for the easy extendibility

My thesis covers multiple topics. The structure follows the steps of the development, starting with the initial requirements defnition to the final solution through creating and programming the IR remote control circuit, designing and developing the firmware. The relevant part describes the programming of the 8 bit Atmel microcontrollers, especially the AT90USB162, while introducing the implementation of the protocol used for IR remote control. One chapter construes the design and the required background functions of a graphical user interface used in these kind of devices and shows the methodology to control the choosen multimedia player application. At the end I am going to show how the available components should be used and put together to have a fully functional device, with.using a specific version of Ubuntu Linux as operating system.


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