IT contractor platform in Node.js

OData support
Paróczi Zsombor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In the world of IT professionals, it’s becoming a common practice for employees or a group of employees to work from home. For freelancers this process started a while ago, but the growing availability of broadband Internet and online services accelerated the process further. Nowadays there are a number of so-called digital nomads, who travel from country to country while remotely working for the same company.

The platforms that support this workstyle are considered to be in their early stages, typically they target one specific problem domain. There are not too many (if any) integrated solutions that cover the whole work process.

In my diploma thesis I will present the design and implementation of an IT platform that is able to cover the – mainly administrative and technical – tasks that arise during remote work. In turn the work process becomes simpler, more productive and more secure.

Because the target audience is the digital nomad, it makes sense to make the platform accessible from a wide range of devices. Thus, I chose the system to be accessible through a web interface. From a technological aspect the project heavily builds on the JavaScript programming language: there are two Node.js servers on the backend, and the web client was also made using JavaScript. Furthermore, Docker is used to separate the components and to facilitate a simple installation process.

In the paper I will detail the tasks that the platform aims to cover, how they can be tackled in an automatic manner, and what solutions may already exist. Thereafter I will present the steps of design and implementation of the platform. Finally, I will demonstrate the installation and operation of the finished system, then summarize the work carried out while also covering ideas for further development.


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