Developing a Java based social site for tourists searching guides

OData support
Imre Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

This project is also trying to realize the popular activity of travelling within community frames. The aim of the web app and the mobile application which belongs to it, is to help tourists find guides easily in any parts of the world. The novelty which is provided by the system, is that not only guiding offices, but also any registered user can start their own guiding service. Due to this innovation, we get a more personal functioning, which can have a community-building effect, and last but not least, it may provide an opportunity to earn money both for guides and the website operators.

The users can search for guiding tours without registration, according to filters like place and the language of the tour, but for booking it is necessary to have a user profile. The system was planned to be easily internationalized in order to become accessible for more people from all over the world.

Every user has the opportunity to use the application as a tourist guide, but first they need to activate their profiles, which means a onetime registration fee payment. After that they can create their own tours and the users can start to make bookings. The owners of the site receive commissions from every successful tour. The users can make reviews about the bookings, which can help other users create opinions about the guide.


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