Development of a Robotic Guide

OData support
Kovács Gábor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Some museums around the world use robotic guides to guide visitors through various exhibitions, which have become popular attractions themselves. The aim of this thesis is to develop such a robotic guide.

According to the needs of the project, a visual navigation algorithm using a suitable passive marker structure, allowing quick and easy reconfiguration has been developed and implemented. The base of the guide robot is the NI LabVIEW Robotics Starter Kit platform, which has been equipped with a camera and wireless communication capabilities.

The solution of the problem incorporates an image processing, a navigational and a guide module, each implemented in LabVIEW environment. The image processing module is capable of finding and identifying the markers on the camera image, and then calculating their distance and angle from the robot. Based on the position of the markers, the navigational module is responsible for navigating the robot along the path defined by the markers. The guide module provides location-dependent information for the visitors through a wireless network.

The modules have been implemented and integrated to a single application, and their operation has been verified through various tests.


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