Development of a cooperative road weather application for V2X environment

OData support
Dr. Bokor László
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Nowadays there are many smart devices, one of these is the self-driving car. There are self-driving cars, which can communicate with other vehicles and environment. That system, which includes such cooperative, communication-incentive devices is called Cooperative Intelligent Transportation System (C-ITS).

The goal of the system is to improve traffic safety and efficiency by share information between cars and environment. In this thesis, I will develop and test an application which is based on transmission of road weather information between C-ITS entities.

In the first part of thesis I will explore sensors which used in car industry, focus on road weather sensors. After that I will introduce the architecture of C-ITS, C-ITS components and protocols, applications of C-ITS.

In the third part, I will introduce the development of an application which is based on transmission of road weather information between C-ITS entities. The application will be developed by using an existing movement emulation and visualisation framework. I will extend this framework with a sensor module, which emulates measurements of different road weather conditions. Based on the extended framework, I will develop three V2X (vehicle-to-anything) applications, with three different scenarios to demonstrate the functions and the applications of C-ITS. In the first scenario, a road side unit will warn the approaching vehicle for snowy road. In the second scenario, on the icy road a slipped car will warn another vehicle which comes from opposite direction. In the third scenario, a vehicle will reach its destination by an alternative route because the vehicle received a measurement from the road side unit, which contained adverse weather condition. I will use real C-ITS On-Board Unit and C-ITS protocol stack to develop the applications and highlight the capabilities of the extended simulation framework.


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