Timetracker webaplication

OData support
Braun Patrik János
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Tracking everything of our life is a fashionable model nowadays. There are a lot of sport trackers, money tracker apps, our mobile knows where we live and work, which places we visited, etc. Companies would like to know everything about their employees, for example how many hours did they spend on a project, how accurate was the project timing estimation. Time tracker applications are the solution for this need, their popularity is growing fast.

My thesis is about a time tracker web application, called Track it!, what can record user-project-working hour data. It also has a dashboard where are some charts to visualize data. It provides a baseline to reports for managers and future project estimations. Business planning and user testing was co-op with HR team, the technological planning and implementation was my individual task.

The thesis describes the applied technologies, the process and tools of design, implementation and testing. It also has a user manual which contains screenshots to make user’s life easier and introduce the product.

There are some new ideas to improve existing system. For example, it can maintain day-offs and send notification when someone modifies a closed month. It could be an integrated document repository, where users can upload their sick-leave paper. In the further future there will be no manual or paperwork to these project related tasks, the application will do the hard work.


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