Mobile software solution for time management support

OData support
Dr. Kelényi Imre
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Today the needs of time management and active lifestyle are not the only characteristics of the professional and sport life, but they have more and more general role in all aspects of our lives. In recognition of the fact that during our lives the most precious resource is our time, it is allowed to us to use it more effectively, and make more conscious decisions about it.

The evolution of mobile platforms, the opportunities and comfort offered by mobile smart devices has been raised to a new level of relationship between the users and smart devices. There are more kinds of solutions for the support of everyday time management: there are both simple to-do apps and complex sports tracker applications that use mobile device sensors.

These solutions help the user in a reactive way to achieve their goals. There participate in users’ life on the level of store and complete task lists. At the same time the formation and maintenance of a schedule is very time-consuming, that is the reason why a need arises for time management software that will help the user with the establishment of a timetable regarding the full picture, proactively. The solution is the time management application discussed by this essay.

The approach of smarter and better time management became the methodology of mobile software development projects, the demand for better quality accompanies the entire process of product development. The software companies and software engineers are applying an ever-widening range in practise, that well designed and even more covered tests ensure the quality of the software. The well-designed tests that cover the implementation in a growing extent became the guarantees of the completed applications’ code quality these all occur among more and more engineers.

This essay contains the overview of the time management methodology, the general functionality of time management apps, and the new application applying these theories and principles. I will discuss the testing principles and the practical experiences gained in the use of these.


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