Building a time check system

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The time check system (timer) can be used in several cases for „any” kind of events, as an auxiliary tool. In the app we have the opportunity to create a new event, manage or delete an existing one. We are able to manage our user profile. We can search in resaults of each event by the name of the event. The user data is stored and managed in client and server database too, which are synchronized when the application starts. This is in order to permit the user to run and use the application in offline mode. The results of each event could be found on web. This static page is only for displaying the results. The timing is controlled by a device which is connected via USB port. The timer can be used in 3 mode:

Standard – this is when the timer count’s up from zero

Timer counting to time limit – in this case the timer count’s from zero to the given limit

Timer counting down – in this case the timer count’s down from the given limit to zero

My aim was to create an application that is easy to use and can be independet of the event at which is used, but we can create a special, horsebackarchery event. So I implemented an easy-to-use user interface with WPF. The other aspect was for Me, to create an application which can be used in offline mode, especially when making a contest out in the open, where is no internet access. Hence the need, as I mentioned above, for the client and the server databases.

In this documentation of My Bsc thesis project I’m going to present the parts of technologies, such as WPF, SQL Express, MVC and Windows Sync Framework used in the client application and in the web project. I will also present the design patterns - the MVVM - Model View ViewModel, the Singleton and the Command - that I used in my thesis project. I also discuss the problems and solutions encountered during the implementation.


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