Establishing the booking interface of an online scheduling system

OData support
Gincsai Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics is a previously implemented web application which provides service providers and clients with an online calendar. The application allows clients to browse and book appointments through an online interface while the service provider is able to manage their appointments using an administrative interface.

I completed my thesis at the information technology company Danubius Informatika where my task was to rewrite the booking interface of

Preceding the beginning of my thesis the booking interface and experience went through a complete redesign based on previous customer feedback. The resulting interface designs were my basis for the implementation of the customer-facing interface.

The booking interface is a Single Page Application built with React on top of a REST API.

In my paper, I discuss the making of each step in the booking process, including the arisen difficulties and decisions made during the development process.

The final application has a basic booking process. My future plan is to create a configurable process which allows itself to be extended with additional steps and the reordering of its steps.


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