Development of an Android-based client component of a navigation service for older adults

OData support
Dr. Sonkoly Balázs
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays smart phones with many functions are more and more popular between the people. Devices with Android operation system are the most beloved. They have low price and are mostly easy to use, this is why users, including elderly, choose them. Elderly people can have special needs, so the use of some applications can make difficulties for them. For example, not all navigation software can plan a route which includes public transportation services and planning a personalized route is also not a typical feature. Therefore, it is necessary to develop applications and systems that meet the requirements of elderly people, too.

The goal of my thesis was to design, implement and test the client side of a navigation system considering the special needs of the elderly. In my work, firstly I studied the related literature to learn the special requirements of softwares for elderly people. I also investigated the basic functionalities of navigation softwares and examined three open source Android applications. I chose one of them, namely OsmAnd, to develop the navigation software that helps elderly people during their trip.

Then I designed the architecture of the software, with special focus on the graphical user interface, and also planned the communication with the server side. After these actions I made the modifications in OsmAnd according to the constructed plans and implemented the necessary functions. Finally, I tested the completed application, making two kinds of tests. Firstly, I made my own tests, and then I also asked two elder colleagues to test the software as well, in order to have test results from potential users. Using their ratings I modified the software to meet the needs of elderly people more effectively.

I conclude my thesis by summarizing the tasks and experiences performed, and giving an overview about the possibilities of improving the application.


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