Map based, interactive visualization of time series

OData support
Benkő Borbála Katalin
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The thesis focuses on the overview and use of technologies, with which a series of time based data can be displayed on a map through an interactive web page. It briefly introduces the technologies and some of their implementations that are needed for such a task. During the writing of this thesis a web application was also created, which can display historical battles on an online map. These maps can be created by the web application’s users, and the maps created are stored on a server, and can be viewed again at any time. To do this first, I looked at traditional ways of displaying time based data. I also looked at other web applications that visualize time based data on online maps. With the help of the findings of these reviews, a plan was drafted with the goal of creating the basics of a web page that can visualize historical battles on an online map. After the implementation of this program a series of performance tests were conducted with the modification of 3 different types of settings and the findings of these tests were summarized.


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