Import and sales workflow optimalazation in JavaScript

OData support
Gódor Győző
Department of Networked Systems and Services

While the internet and web applications seem fairly new concepts even today, webdevelopers have to keep up with our fast-pace world just like everyone else does.

Users demand far richer experience from web applications – expecting the same level of performance and speed they get with native desktop and mobile apps. At the same time there is pressure on developers to deliver new applications faster and continually roll-out enhancements, while ensuring that the applications are available and can be scaled if the client chooses so.

In today’s world there is no time for the detailed design of every single table in our database or to refine our desktop application’s user interface. If we want to keep up with the ever rising demands of the market and want to roll-out relevant products we need new tools at our disposal!

In my thesis I discuss the modern tools and means of web development, using a resource planning application I am developing, as an example. I cover the whole application stack top to bottom, including all the necessary components needed to build a complete solution.


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