Control software development for short pulse fiber laser system

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Cseh Tamás
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

Fiber lasers and the related researches are the part of the cuting-edge technologies of modern optics. These devices play a prominent role in the field of communication, material processing and medical applications. Furukawa Electric Institute of Technology has developed a fiber laser, which has the ability to emit femtosecond pulses in the near-infrared spectral region.

The ytterbium based all fiber, all normal dispersion fiber oscillator with integrated SESAM can have several operation modes like mode-locked, Q-switched and noise-like, which are indetified by the measured radio-frequency spectrum and optical spectrum. With this method one can characterize the mode-locking and predict the degradation of the stable operation by monitoring only the RF signal during the operation. By scanning all the polarization states with the built in electronically tunable polarization controller, the regions where the CW mode-locking can be initiated and maintained can be located. This characterization will help to find the optimal polarization in the laser cavity.

The laser oscillator and control software that I developed can be a reliable coherent light source with its compact setup and self alignment ability, providing long term, error free operation without the need of expensive monitoring tools.


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