Meter with pulse output on ZigBee network

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Dr. Pilászy György
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The topic of this thesis is to design a device with microcontroller which has capability to process the signal of an impulse output based meter - this case a water meter – and send data to central data collector unit through ZigBee radio communication network, and make up the software of this data collector computer. The device receives the impulse of the meter then summarizes the data and sends it to data collector computer through ZigBee radio communication network. The software receives the data, stores it and able to display statistical data and make diagrams retrospectively.

Chapter one describes the structure and working of ZigBee radio communication network.

Chapter two delineates the detailed specification of the task and describes the system plan.

Chapter three delineates the role of function blocks and describes the main idea of the circuit.

Chapter four delineates the flowchart of the microcontroller’s software and describes the design environment.

Chapter five contains the user guide of the meter and the data collector device.

Chapter six contains the user guide of the data collector computer software.

Data sheets, references, schematic diagram of device, source code of microcontroller’s software, data collector computer software and its source code can be found on the attached CD.


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