Development, comparison and optimization of pulse width modulation methods

OData support
Dr. Csorba Kristóf
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The fast development of the electronics branch of industry caused cheaper electrical servo system manufacture. More and more manufacturers can afford to equip their cheaper category vehicles with servo systems which enhance the experience of driving. The number of the companies developing the servo systems has grown substantially with the market needs. The cost of the offered systems, the extra services what these systems can provide and how overstocked the market is greatly determine the status of the fight for the market share, therefore the developers have considerable interest in offering their products with the shortest production time at the lowest price possible.

In order to reduce the developing period and minimize the expenses the necessary tests must performed during prototype creation especially in an environment that conforms to the end product accurately.

My task at ThyssenKrupp Presta had two part. On hand I had to provide a similar environment that would model the servo regulatory system developed by this company, and on the other I had to search for new solutions to improve the regulated parameters.


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