Control software development of an inductive flowmeter

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Molnár Károly
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In the field of industrial measuring, the flow measuring of fluids is an everyday task. The properties of the measured substance can vary on a large scale and the requirements set for the measuring device are different depending on the field of application, and so the applied physical theories are very diverse.

The bigger flowmeasurer manufacturers - like Siemens or Krohne - have mechanic, ultrasonic, preassure drop based, thermal, inductive, vortex, Coriolis-force sensor based devices, so the first part of this work covers a short description of the mentioned theories.The main goal of the work is developing a software for an inductive measuring system, so I deal with these kind of devices separately, comparing their advantages and disadvantages to devices based on other theories. I introduce the inner architecture of the inductive sensor. After that I introduce the steps of planing and creating the software needed for its operation. I separately introduce the details of creating the softwares controlling each segments.

For the commercial trade of the sensor, it has to be officially examined where an authority - in Hungary the MKEH - states if the sensor can be used for measurements that require cost accounting. I also introduce the stages and the conditions of the examination in this work.

Its not possible to ensure the exact same parts during the manufacturing of the sensors, that would normally cause an error in the measured results. To avoid errors, the sensors have a calibrating function, which is capable of linearizing the characteristics of the sensors response. For the calibration a reference device and calibration system is needed, which is able to provide the desired physical conditions. In my work I created conditions needed for the automatic operation of a calibration system, and I developed a PC controlled PLC software which is suitable for calibrating a sensor without human interruption.


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