Development of an AGV model with inductive guidance

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Kovács Gábor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

AGV systems are often used in industrial environment. These mobile robots are capable of following a predetermined path to transport materials between workstations.

This thesis presents the development of the prototype for an inductive guidance AGV system. Selection of sensors according to the inductive guidance, design and parametrization of the corresponding signal processing circuitry, as well as design of the excitation circuit for the track are presented in details. The vehicle is controlled by an embedded microcontroller, equipped with interface circuitry for inductive sensors and DC motors used as actuators. The prototype of the control system containing both a PI controller and a dead zone compensator module was developed in LabVIEW environment, while the final version of the embedded software was implemented using the Arduino development environment. The thesis presents the underlying algorithms and the tuning of their parameters in details. Test results show that the prototype vehicle is capable of following the track excited by the designed circuitry.


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