IMU based 3D computer game development for iPhone devices

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Dr. Prohászka Zoltán Ferenc
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays the increasing use of smartphones and tablets creats a huge demand for softwares, which can be run on these platforms. These applications can perform various tasks, but probably games are the most popular of them. These devices has more and more accurate sensors, which can be used by the applications.

My goal was to create an iPhone game, which goes beyond the most common two dimensional appearance. During the game, the user controls a ball on the three dimensional field, visualised by OpenGL ES 2.0 supported by the operating system. The built-in IMU (inertial movement unit) is used to control the movement of the ball and modify the view displayed.

For the proper user experience, the objects of the field must have real physical behavior, therefore I used a free available API for the physical simulation called Bullet. It provides solutions for simulations of systems of rigid bodies.

An important aspect of the development is that the levels of the game should be easily editable by freeware tools. Thus the levels are made of images and xml files, which can be edited with a simple image or text editor.

During my work I implement a software development process including the creation of the documents and plans of the application. The expressed requirements, the goals to achieve and the detailed plans of the software can be find in these documents.


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