Development of inertial measurement unit for autonomous systems

OData support
Marosy Gábor Elemér
Department of Electron Devices

In my thesis, I would like to introduce the designing steps and implementation of an inertial measurement unit. The main requirements during the design process were the application independency, the relatively low budget of implementation, the accuracy and the wide range practicability of the device.

I start my thesis by demonstrating the knowledge I gained during the study of the applicable references on the operation and building-up of sensors, furthermore I introduce the selection criteria of the adequate components to my device. I describe the different types, features and main applications of the inertial measurement units, I introduce my system, its main subunits and the communication protocols among those. I give details of the hardware designing phases and the theories that were taken into account at the implementation of my device. I describe the software I modelled that conveys the data of the sensors to the computer and displays them graphically with the support of the LabVIEW 2009 Professional software. Finally, I publish my experiences on the operation of the system and outline its possible applications.


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