Implementation of visualiser client for information graphs on Android platform

OData support
Dr. Szűcs Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays, in everyday life, information and information-flow became one of the most valuable things - even in educational, small business and enterprise environments. The way we store, collect, and pass on information is a key element to success. In my thesis, I create a graph visualization software that stores information in context. This simplifies the way we can share information and helps us understand it. The reason I chose the Android platform is that mobile software is getting more and more common and smartphones are starting to rule the market. In my work, I describe the development workspace I used, how to install and setup the necessary software and how to set up the emulator. I write about the packages I used in order to build a usable solution. I review the Android drawing principles and the methods I used to build the view architecture, how the software is built and how the parts connect to each other. I present the XML tree’s construction and show how it works through examples. I analyze the program’s classes in detail with the methods and functions they use. At the end, I summarize my work and talk about possible development directions for the future and write the conclusion.


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