Infopoint Portal Development

OData support
Dr. Ráth István Zoltán
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In more and more fields it is favourable or necessary that information can be seen on the web. In the course of making a web application many components must be created (e. g.: data persistence, business logic, appearance). Many technologies exist to implement them, and the final application will be created with the integration of those technologies. Each technology applies different approaches (e. g. for data persistence, setting up websites, communicating between client-server), needs different programming languages, provides different performance, and there are different frameworks for developing them.

In my thesis I reviewed the basics of creating a web application, and the different technologies (Java and PHP languages, GWT, JSF, Spring, Vaadin, Laravel frameworks, Hibernate and Doctrine2 ORM solutions).

I designed the appearance and functionality of an information portal, which I fully implemented, then as an alternative of the first solution I created a second implementation as well. Both implementations use different technologies from the ones reviewed earlier.

After creating the two different implementations I designed and performed some tests for the applied technologies to measure their efficiency. Furthermore, I created four more portals with limited functionality in order to compare alternatives.

In the end of my thesis I evaluated the obtained results, reviewed the shortcomings of my solution and sketched some possibilities for improvement.


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