Mobil based information distribution with embedded system support

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

With the rapid development of technology in the last few years, mobile phones changed from simple devices to call and text to small, handheld computers. Their technical parameters (processing power, memory, storage) are near – and in some cases exceed – the characteristics of a personal computer used ten years ago. For these devices advanced applications can be developed and as a result specialized online stores measure a few million downloads (games, business and media applications) daily.

These days almost every mobile phone is equipped with Bluetooth, enabling short range wireless communication. This technology and modern devices together enable numerous interesting application opportunities. In my thesis I discuss the creation of such applications using a widespread, platform-independent technology, Java ME (supported by almost every manufacturer).

In the thesis a module made with Java ME technology is described that is intended for communicating with an application running on a Gumstix embedded system. A self-made class library is described beforehand, that simplifies the writing of programs using Bluetooth communication in Java ME followed by a sample application in which the mobile phones use their screens as a common resource. During developing certain applications the general solution might not be sufficient and optimizing should be considered. In my thesis I present this case with the help of a real project, where the mobile device has to exchange messages and transmit data with the aforementioned Gumstix embedded system via Bluetooth.


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