Modeling and analysis of interaction between road traffic and information dissemination in vehicular ad-hoc networks

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Dr. Sonkoly Balázs
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

I recounted the literature about the characteristics and existing experimental implementations of vehicular Ad Hoc networks, the methods of measurement, theory and models of road traffic, and studied the existing methods for the simulation of intelligent transportation systems.

Then, I implemented a dynamically extendable simulation framework based on the cellular automaton principle I chose, which is capable of a realistic, integrated modeling of road traffic and network operation, and enables users to freely choose the traffic model to be used, and to implement any desired network protocols and behaviors with minimal work.

Finally, I implemented the Most Forwarded within Range routing and a keyed-down model of the VITP protocol in this framework, and to demonstrate its usability, I ran a regime of experiments on the effects of the cache expiration period, traffic conditions and the market penetration of wireless technology on network performance, and detailed the results in the final section.


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