Formalization of informal knowledge for MDA

OData support
Dr. Pataricza András
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The topic of the B.Sc. thesis is the process and methods of extraction and formalization of informal knowledge.

The first step of the elaboration of every IT application is to get to know the environment and requirements of the users. One of the most difficult task is to gain this informal knowledge. That is the reason why this thesis is looking for methods which are easy to understand so that the system architect can explore the knowledge of a non-IT expert through interviews. At the same time it provides an opportunity to produce a starter model with precision required by MDA (Model-Driven-Architecture).

The thesis provides a solution to bridge the communication gap between software engineers and domain experts where the gap is caused by the insuficient knowledge of the expertise of the other party. When the customer orders the desired system they cannot give a precise specification to system architects because of their lack of expertise. The architect cannot determine the correct behavioural specifications of the system without the knowledge of the domain.

The thesis demonstrates the technologies and tools which can be used to assemble precise and formal specification based on the knowledge of domain experts, which can be verified by both domain experts and system architects.

The thesis overviews the most commonly used informal tools in IT like mind map and concept map and their connection with the ontology which helps most with formalization.


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