IT tools to indicate changes in mental wellness

OData support
Dr. Hanák Péter
Egyesült Innovációs és Tudásközpont

In this thesis I deal with a problem that became important in our recent past. It is about information technology and how it can help the medical sector to identify illness that shows up in the degrading of cognitive functions. And also about helping doctors to possess up-to-date information about their patients mental wellness, thus helping them to forego irreversible decline of their patients’ health state.

In the first part, I search for such technologies, and gather information about how they work, and what their goals are. Then I analyze them from different aspects, and compare them to each other.

In the second part I make plans of a simple computer game, and create an implemen-tation. With this game I would like to show how can one make simple games that can be played by a wide range of people, and which collect data about the players’ cognitive functions, thus making it possible to indicate changes in their mental wellness. This also marks the path for my studies about building entertaining computer products that collect data in the background for medical purposes.


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