Datamart Building for IT Company

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

The aim of my thesis was to build a data warehouse for an IT consultant company. The task was motivated by a new demand for organising the data into a warehouse and using the data for decision support.

Regarding the requirements and the expectations of the users I built a data warehouse based on a relational MySQL database, where the transfers are programed in Basc scripts with SQL scripts. The system was uploaded with the required data and the continuous uploads from the source system are ensured daily.

The required data markets were formed properly to the reporting demands, which allows producing of the data and reports needed for business decision support. The necessary tools for visualise the reports are available, tested and applied.

The implemetation, testing and correction of the system is done, its operation on real data is checked. The outcome of my work is a development which is able to function in real circumstances on huge records and able to support business processes.

The data warehouse is working properly on real data, and support the real business needs of the company.


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